Norman Rockwell’s covers

“With many of his paintings considered American icons, Rockwell holds a permanent position as a national treasure.”
— From the front wall of the Norman Rockwell exhibit in the Taubman Museum, Roanoke.

Nuoya & RockwellThursday the class traveled to Roanoke to see how the man known as the “People’s Painter” chronicled the events and emotions of life in the 20th century through his artwork. Most famous for the covers he created for the popular  magazine The Saturday Evening Post, Rockwell gave the class a better sense of the role art plays (or played in that “Magazine Century”) in connecting a magazine with its audience.

GSELL pix 1Many of us had seen one of his most famous pieces, The Problem We All Live With, but had no idea that it was his work.

“I’ve seen it before in a history book when I was growing up,” Ashley said. Seeing it as a Norman Rockwell among many Rockwells, it was her favorite in the exhibit.

She said these paintings helped her make the connection of what a huge impact magazine art has on pop-culture.

Rockwell captures the drama and flair of his subjects by his use of color. These bold colors, combined with his ability to capture human expression, give his gsell pix 2paintings a human quality that helps his viewers connect to his work.

By placing his subjects at the foreground of his paintings and making them appear to pop out of the picture plane, Rockwell made his viewers feel like they’re a part of his paintings.

Rockwell was a true storyteller and pioneer for art in the magazine world.

— post and photos by Julia Gsell

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