Inside ‘New York’

Storyboards of images and text stretch for twenty feet across the office floor. “Please don’t take pictures,” says Lauren Starke, a Aude Whitepublic relations representative for New York magazine. We are among the first to see this unpublished layout, as the new edition of the magazine does not come out until next week, she explains.

New York’s office is the first office we’ve visited that fits my preconceived idea of what a magazine office would look like. Stacks of other publications overflow on a table, clippings of photos and previous stories are slapped half-hazardously onto inspiration boards. Numerous “Ellies,” one of the magazine industries most prestigious awards, are displayed on a filing cabinet, suggesting to me that life at New York is more than winning awards.

NY women

Roxanne Bahr, photo editor; Melissa Dahl, staff writer; Lindsay Peoples, fashion editor.

Lauren takes us to the conference room where four other women, all of who appear to be under 30, greet us. The women discuss their alma maters and the paths they took to end up here. I am both impressed and intimidated by all of them. Lindsay, the fashion editor, previously interned at Teen Vogue, which seems to be a common theme among many of the women that we’ve talked to at other publications. I feel like today we are constantly told not to get our hopes up on finding a position at such a large publication, and I wonder if these women had luck on their side or if the industry really has changed that much in the five or so years since they graduated from school.

–Mary Crowgey

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