Marriott Marquis & Magazines

cropped-NYC-pix1It’s 10:28 p.m. I’m 48 floors high, sitting at a rooftop revolving restaurant in the New York Marriott Marquis hotel with a magnificent view of the New York City lights. It takes about one hour for the restaurant to fully rotate once, and during that hour, I was able to see different parts of the city from various angles.

This experience reminds me of the magazine industry. Magazines are no longer viewed through a singular lens—print. In contemporary society that is dominated by digital media, magazines are now viewed through multiples lenses—print and online.

The history of magazines mirrors that of New York City. Throughout its history, New York City has faced many struggles, such as The Wall Street Crash, 9/11, and Hurricane Sandy. But it has withstood these hardships and persevered, earning itself the title of the Empire City.

Similarly, the magazine industry has been struggling since the rise and continuous growth of digital media. But it has not died. It has merely shifted in another direction, adapting and adjusting itself to new circumstances. This industry may be declining, but it surely isn’t going anywhere yet.

–Christina Han

W&L lawn

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