Martha’s Empire

MS LivingHow does an empire survive after its head, Martha Stewart, is jailed for insider trading?  It is because of passionate, friendly employees such as Becky Mickel, assistant editor for Martha Stewart Weddings.

Upon our arrival at 601 West 26th Street, Becky gave our class the tour of the facility.  Behind swinging white doors, we found numerous test kitchens, an enormous prop closet, and mannequins used to show off wedding looks.   “One of the best parts of working at [Martha Stewart Weddings] is the taste testing,” Becky said.  With a single inhale I could almost taste the  cookies in the air.

As we sat down in the conference room on hip black chairs, natural light streamed in through large industrial windows.  Becky introduced us to various women who transferred Martha’s empire to print.

There was Lee Crandall, senior editor of Martha Stewart Weddings, who had previously worked for Rolling Stone, U.S. Weekly and Brides.  She encouraged our class to curate our own blog site, adding clips for the convenience of future employers.

Next, there was Kim, an intern at Martha Stewart Living who has taken on the tasks of  editorial assistant.  She advised our class to find our internship online, remaining flexible.

MS WeddingsLastly, there was Amy Conway, editor in chief of Martha Stewart Weddings, who has spent 20 years with the brand.  She told our class about the importance of newsstand sales, especially for bridal magazines.

Becky’s warmth and the enthusiasm of the other employees that we met are crucial to keeping the brand alive and trusted.  Becky will be moving to Condé Nast. I enjoyed meeting her and understanding the family-like atmosphere among the employees of Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

-Julia Kaczmar

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