Spring Term Festival!

Josie at FestivalToday was the spring term festival hosted in the library, during which students had the opportunity to showcase their work over the past four weeks. It was a great atmosphere – the library was packed as students and professors jumped from one presentation to another, appreciating one another’s work. From poverty issue briefs to Shakespearean plays, there was a wide range of presentations to view during the festival. A friend of mine even had live leeches at hers.

Our table, adorned with a binder including our magazine and the market research behind it, was stopped at frequently. Julia at the FestivalProfessors and students asked thought-provoking questions, forcing us to go in depth about the production of our magazine and the magazine industry in general. Overall, the festival was a great way to display all of the hard work that went into the past four weeks.

–Josie Hurst

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