The People’s Storyteller

There is something truly spectacular about magazines. For me, it’s not the beautiful pictures that tend to catch my eye or the well-designed layout of the fine, crisp pages.

It’s the stories—the people.

During this Spring Term class, I’ve learned a great deal about magazines. Our class discussions highlighted monumental moments in magazine history, and we’ve also delved into the publishing industry during our trip to New York City. I’ve learned the most, however, from going out onto the streets and shops of Rockbridge County and simply talking to people.

IMG_8650I learned so much from the conversations I had. Each person I talked to had his or her own story to tell. They all came from different places paired with unique experiences and perspectives of the world.


I believe they had been waiting for someone to just sit down with them and merely listen to what they had to say—and I was more than honored to be those eager ears for them to speak into.

Journalism is a wonderful reminder that not one person in this world is the same. We are completely different from our neighbor. No matter how usual we consider our own lives to be, we all have something to say.

Nate Olewine, head brewer at Devils Backbone Brewery CO. Outpost

Nate Olewine, head brewer at Devils Backbone Brewery CO. Outpost

This class has taught me that it’s the people that make the stories, not the interesting facts or reporting on some sort of breaking news.

I believe that’s why magazines remain so relevant in a world now dominated by technology and digital media. Magazines remain the one form of journalism that keep reminding us that it’s people, not stories, that continue to fascinate us every day.

-Parker Butler

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